Best Cyber Security Universities in the UK – League Table 2022

Studying Cyber Security Courses in the UK

Do you have an interest in the inner workings of one of the greatest inventions of our time, the internet? Would you love to learn about the back and front end of the cyberworld? You can stop wondering and daydreaming now and begin your cyber security education in the UK. As the world becomes more digitized, information is now information king. Cyber security experts have certainly seen a huge spike in demand as companies and organizations are looking to protect their servers from malware and malicious activity.

Cyber security has a crucial role to play in the 21st century helping to protect computer systems from theft of information, damage to software, hardware, and various electronic data. To attain employment in this field, you need to have at least a degree in Cyber security, and there’s no better place to get it than in the UK. British Universities are the ideal location for aspiring students who would like to pursue a career in information security systems and computer networking.

And due to the research-led culture in the UK, students are provided with plenty of opportunities to engage with field experts and scholars who will help them develop scientific knowledge and gain an understanding of the latest technological advancements in the field. 

Best UK Universities for Cyber Security Courses – Ranking League Table 2022

Taking a cyber security course in the UK has several unique advantages which include the chance to develop operational and analytical knowledge of the cyber technology niche. As a UK cyber security student, you will learn useful IT skills like Cisco-Networking, Big Data Hadoop, Digital Marketing, and most interesting of all, Ethical Hacking. Ensuring you graduate with a well-rounded knowledge of the Cyber security field. To help you make informed choices about the best schools to study in your chosen field, we have curated a list of the top ten universities to study Cyber Security below.

RankUniversity NameTotal FTE StudentsNo of Students/Saff
1University of Oxford20,83510.7
=5University of Cambridge19,68111.1
12Imperial College London17,71711.3
=30University of Edinburgh31,63112.1
=35King’s College London28,24812.0
50University of Manchester36,54314.3
=78University of Warwick22,71314.2
=86University of Glasgow27,62513.9
92University of Bristol24,11014.4

Cheapest UK Universities for Cyber Security Courses

When perusing your choices of universities to study, one of the major factors that affect your decision will surely be the tuition fees. This is why a lot of international students looking to go to UK universities search for affordable prices. But just because a school is cheap doesn’t mean there is a drop in the quality of education. There are several high-level UK universities out there that are reasonably priced where you can obtain your MSc or BSc in Cyber Security and our agents can help you find them. 

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