Best Business Studies & Management Universities in the UK – League Table 2022

Studying Business Studies & Management Courses in the UK

Do you love business? Do you have a passion to become an entrepreneur or help business owners succeed? If so, studying business studies and management may be a good fit for you. Every year, there is a good number of students vying to study this course in several British universities, both local and international.

Typical business studies and management courses involve a focus on the running, planning, and operations aspect of an organization. During this course, you will be tutored on the working mechanics of a business operation including marketing, administration, human resources, finance among many others. Most business and management courses start the first year off with shared programs before students are allowed to choose their path in the second study year. Business and management are a broad degree that covers a lot of areas, so you can be employed in banking, general management, marketing, advertising, and as a consultant. 

The UK pride itself as a global leader when it comes to business studies and management. And the universities that offer the course have a mission to make their student intellectually capable to deal with any issue the business world mat throw at them.

Best UK Universities for Business Studies & Management Courses – Ranking League Table 2022

Are you searching for an appropriate ‘top’ university that will boost your chances of becoming a success in your chosen field? And finding it hard doing so? Most people struggle here; it’s normal. But don’t fret! We have curated a list of the top 10 universities you can choose from to study business studies and management in the UK.

RankUniversity NameTotal FTE StudentsNo of Students/Saff
1University of Oxford20,83510.7
=5University of Cambridge19,68111.1
27London School of Economics and Political Science10,91112.1
=30University of Edinburgh31,63112.1
=35King’s College London28,24812.0
50University of Manchester36,54314.3
=78University of Warick22,71314.2
=86University of Glasgow27,62513.9
92University of Bristol24,11014.4

Cheapest UK Universities for Business Studies & Management Courses

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