Best Nursing Universities in the UK – League Table 2022

Studying Nursing Courses in the UK

What can doctors do without nurses? What can we normal folk do without nature’s caregivers? As a certified profession since man’s earliest days, nurses have been the conduit between physicians and their patients, a crucial profession it is. Do you have aspirations of joining this fabled guild of Nurses and practising at any level? Then applying to study in a UK university will surely be one of the best decisions you ever made. Nursing is an extremely competitive field of study which requires students to not just be academically sound but also possess the appropriate character and personality to take on such a tasking role. 

According to national statistics, nursing is the most employable type of degree in the UK with a whopping 94% employment rate for graduates within 6 months. This means that if you can keep your head down and study hard, you will most likely be working in a British health care centre less than a year after graduating. However, nursing degrees aren’t all about being a bookworm. During your degree, you will acquire a lot of hands-on experience with patients in a community setting or hospital. There are four major branches of nursing available for study in the UK and they include;

  • Adult nursing
  • Learning disability nursing
  • Children’s nursing and
  • Mental health nursing

Best UK Universities for Nursing Courses – Ranking League Table 2022

Some degree courses do enable students to study in two of these fields and they are called ‘dual field’ degrees. Before you apply for a nursing course, you first have to decide what type of nurse you want to be. Do you enjoy being around children or do you have a soft spot for people suffering from mental health issues or learning disabilities? Although they all entail caregiving, they do require differing levels of tolerance and knowledge. But it is tough to find the right school to apply for that fits exactly what you’re looking for, that’s why we created a list of top-notch universities that will be a perfect fit for a high achiever like yourself. See the list below:

RankUniversity NameTotal FTE StudentsNo of Students/Saff
1University of Oxford20,83510.7
=5University of Cambridge19,68111.1
12Imperial College London17,71711.3
=30University of Edinburgh31,63112.1
=35King’s College London28,24812.0
50University of Manchester36,54314.3
=78University of Warwick22,71314.2
=86University of Glasgow27,62513.9
92University of Bristol24,11014.4

Cheapest UK Universities for Nursing Courses

Tuition fees are usually the first thing on most applicants’ minds when choosing what UK university to attend for their master’s or bachelor’s degree. The good news however is that there are institutions in the UK that offer great education and living experience without you having to break the bank. But it does require some in-depth research and technical know-how to find them which we possess. And our agents are on standby to help you find that perfect school that fits your requirements. 

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