The Best UK Universities 2023 Rankings

UK University 2023 Rankings Leaderboard

Like the UK university ranking 2022, we are now publishing the best UK university 2023 rankings table. This leaderboard has been compiled using various ranking factors, like satisfaction with the course, satisfaction with teaching, satisfaction with feedback, student-to-staff ratio, spend per student, average entry tariff, valued added score, career after six months and continuation.

In this university ranking edition, the University of St Andrews jumped two places to become the best university in the UK. A surprise move from the University of Aberdeen; it jumped from 20th to 13th in the ranking.

2023 Position2022 PositionInstitutionScore (out of 100)
13University of St Andrews100
21Oxford University99.4
32Cambridge University98.1
44London School of Economics95.2
57Imperial College89.3
65Durham University87
78University of Bath85.8
86University of Warwick84.2
1010Loughborough University82.6
1111University of Glasgow82.1
1212University of Edinburgh81.8
1320University of Aberdeen81.2
1413Lancaster University80
1515University of Exeter76.3
1617University of Southampton76.2
1614University of Bristol76.2
1618University of Strathclyde76.2
1926University of the Arts London75.5
2016University of Leeds75.1
2118University of York75
2225Aston University74.5
2335University of West London73.7
2457University of Surrey72.8
2436University of the West of England72.8

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