Best Computer Science Universities in the UK – League Table 2022

Studying Computer Science Courses in the UK

Are you in love with technology? Do the inner workings of data communication intrigue you and tickle you fancy? If so, applying for admission to study for a degree in computer science is the right move for you. To successfully become a fully-fledged computer science professional and thrive in your field, what university you attend and where it’s located are very vital. You have to ensure that the environment is conducive and provides enough opportunities for your colours to shine bright. And UK universities embody that and a whole lot more. 

Taking a computer science course at a UK university will help you grow and cultivate the core skills required to nurture organizations and businesses. Fully up-to-date tools, programs will help in the development of your ability and know-how in certain areas crucial to your career including software engineering, game development, IT, design, and security. There are a lot of things that British universities are ahead of the pack at, and computer science is among this category. With several departments researching for top global companies and organizations. 

A UK computer science module covers a large scope of study including network systems, database design, computer hardware and software. It also involves staying at the forefront in technological advancements knee-deep in ground-breaking techs like artificial intelligence (A.I), virtual reality, and app design

Best UK Universities for Computer Science Courses – Ranking League Table 2022

A graduate in computer science is spoilt for choice with the massive amount of employment opportunities available like system analysts, software developers, data analysts, programmers, and even an independent consultant. But finding the university that will be the right fit can be somewhat daunting and time-intensive, so we have put together a thoroughly researched list of the best universities to study for a computer science degree, they are:

RankUniversity NameTotal FTE StudentsNo of Students/Saff
1University of Oxford20,83510.7
=5University of Cambridge19,68111.1
12Imperial College London17,71711.3
=30University of Edinburgh31,63112.1
=35King’s College London28,24812.0
50University of Manchester36,54314.3
=78University of Warwick22,71314.2
=86University of Glasgow27,62513.9
92University of Bristol24,11014.4

Cheapest UK Universities for Computer Science Courses

If you’re looking to study for a computer science degree in the UK, the cost of your tuition will most likely be at the top of your priority list. But not to worry, although there are a lot of top-quality universities that demand top dollar, there still are many that cost considerably less without blemishing the standard of education students receive. With the help of our agents, we can help you find the school that ticks all your boxes so you can get your degree and begin life in the tech world. 

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